Ermelo ECWC Endurance 2021

ZILCO | Sponsor of the event


We are excited to announce our new sponsor, Zilco!

From humble beginnings in a small factory in Sydney, Australia in 1962, Zilco has grown and evolved and now exports synthetic saddlery products all around the world. Following the success and popularity of the initial lightweight, synthetic racing products, the owner of Zilco, Tony Strachan, soon realised the wider-reaching potential of these revolutionary synthetic materials across the equestrian world.

Zilco logo

“Guided by the expertise of our worldwide staff, we have branched out and now manufacture products for many specialised equestrian disciplines, including Racing, Carriage Driving, Harness Racing, Monté Trot and of course, Endurance. Over the years, we have seen the demand for Zilco tack develop and increase, as equestrian consumers have embraced the benefits of synthetic materials, over traditional leather.

We know that Endurance riders are very much in tune with their horses, and our tack is designed with that relationship in mind. We appreciate that time and money is at a premium and riders need to know that they can rely on their tack in any situation. Whether you choose our Marathon, Deluxe or new Ultra bridle, all of them offer easy conversion from bridle to halter; great when out competing, or just for everyday convenience.

As well as bridles, we offer a range of other products and accessories, including bitless bridles, hackamores, breastplates, martingales, various rein options and saddle pads.”

Benefits of Synthetic Tack: 

Zilco’s Endurance bridles are manufactured from strong and durable woven webbing, coated with a co-polymer and combined with strong stainless steel fittings. These materials are super easy to maintain; simply dip in a bucket of water and wipe down; no need for laborious polishing! This is not only a great time saver, but also advantageous in preventing the spread of infection on yards. Zilco materials also maintain flexibility across a broad range of temperatures, making them ideal for riders across the world.

From halters to leads, bridles to breastplates, Zilco has a complete range of products to suit leisure riders, those new to the sport of endurance, right up to riders competing on the international circuit.

With knowledgeable stockists located throughout the world visit to find your nearest Zilco stockists today!