Ermelo ECWC Endurance 2021

Press release

Press release ECWC2021 - EK WK Endurance Ermelo 2021

Foundation for title battle Endurance riders has been laid

Ermelo – The National Equestrian Center in Ermelo will be more than the proverbial center of the European and World Endurance Championships from 6 to 11 September 2021. The extensive forests and moors around the center will form the beautiful backdrop for these two championships. The extensive bridle path network and logistics infrastructure are among the best in Europe.

Two international championships will be held: on September 9th, the World Championship for Young Riders & Juniors and on September 11th, the European Championship for seniors. More than 100 participants from more than 40 countries are expected for the World Cup, while the same number of participants from 20 countries are expected for the European Championship.        

The organization of this “FEI Endurance World YJ & European Championship 2021” is in the hands of the Fasna Trail Foundation, which in the recent past has organized international endurance competitions on and around the grounds of the National Equestrian Center. Eric Lamsma, well-known in the endurance sport, who organized the Fasna Trail for many years and Pieter Wiersinga, who was Chef d’Equipe of the Dutch endurance team during the World Championships in Tryon, have jointly taken up the gauntlet to organize these two international championships.

“As an organization, we have gained a lot of experience. This experience enables us to organize these championships in such a way that the well-being of the horses during the competitions comes first. We have therefore refused in advance to make concessions to this. It may therefore be argued that these championships should lay the foundation for the new way in which this branch of equestrian sport should be practiced worldwide, “Lamsma and Wiersinga unanimously state.

The World Championships for Young Riders & Juniors on September 9th will cover 120 kilometers and will be held in four stages. The European Championship for seniors on September 11th will cover 160 kilometers and will be held in six stages.

The day before the start of the respective championships, all horses are subjected to a strict veterinary inspection. There is a mandatory rest period between each stage. Also during the mandatory rest periods, the condition of each horse is individually tested by veterinary doctors. If, after testing, it appears that a horse does not or no longer meets the requirements, the horse will be excluded from further participation.

During these international championships a wide range of activities are organized at the National Equestrian Center, including programs for talent development in primary education, an SME conference focusing on the theme “recovery as a top athlete”. There is also an equestrian instruction and veterinary conference. On the grounds of the National Equestrian Center, an extensive “straw village” will be built for sponsors, suppliers of the equestrian sport and combined with a Foodtruck festival for the environment and tourism.

We expect to be able to keep you informed of the developments in the run-up to these championships in mid-April.

Photo by Robin Sturrus