FEI Endurance World YJ & European Championship 2021 FEI Endurance World YJ & European Championship 2021 - EK WK Endurance Ermelo 2021

Horse comes first

Ermelo ECWC Endurance 2021

Where horse welfare and integrity are of paramount importance

At the FEI Endurance World (YJ) & European Championship 2021 we want the (endurance) sport to revolve around team performance, integrity and cooperation with the competitive element of a championship in which sustainability for horse and the environment is taken into account.

A look back at the event

We have been able to lay down a fair route with a technical basis in which we have tried to bring the sport back to its origins. So many people have given a lot of time and energy and were walking around with a big smile all day long. We are very happy with the fantastic field of participants for both events. It was a pleasure to hear how much enthousiasm there was about the tracks with the blooming heather.