FEI Endurance World YJ & European Championship 2021

Experiences from the field | Jasper Keppel

Volunteers ECWC Ermelo 2021

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Jasper Keppel is an experienced volunteer during endurance competitions. But what makes volunteering so much fun?

“It’s a bit of everything for me! A happy rider who finds the route well-marked or lovely to ride! Or the crewteam being able to find and reach the crew points easily and quickly.

Jasper Keppel

I also like seeing all those familiair faces again and having a chat with everyone!

But the main reason I do it is to give an organization a helping hand. This might just make that one difference, even if it’s only a small difference! Because in the end, all of us together can make this a great event!

In the end, all of us together can make this a great event!

And above all keep smiling! A joke here and there also works wonders at an endurance event. The best thing to do is planning and setting the course.”

Without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to organize this event. Want to help as a volunteer for the European and World Championship endurance located in Ermelo (6-11 September 2021)? You can sign up via the link below!