FEI Endurance World YJ & European Championship 2021

The History of the Endurance Sport | Part One

An “essay” written by Jacob Melissen about the history of the Endurance Sport.

Experiences from the field | Jasper Keppel

Jasper Keppel is an experienced volunteer during endurance competitions. But what makes volunteering so much fun? “It’s a bit of everything for me! A happy rider who finds the route well-marked or lovely to ride! Or the crewteam being able to find and reach the crew points easily and quickly. I also like seeing all… Continue reading Experiences from the field | Jasper Keppel

ZILCO | Sponsor of the event

We are excited to announce our new sponsor, Zilco! From humble beginnings in a small factory in Sydney, Australia in 1962, Zilco has grown and evolved and now exports synthetic saddlery products all around the world. Following the success and popularity of the initial lightweight, synthetic racing products, the owner of Zilco, Tony Strachan, soon… Continue reading ZILCO | Sponsor of the event

HAVENS Horsefeed | Main sponsor of the event

We are happy to announce our main sponsor, HAVENS Horsefeed! HAVENS from the Netherlands is a leading brand in equine nutrition and horsefeed. The company is an independent family-based feed producer founded in 1845, and ever since HAVENS has been continuously developing and improving its products. Today, they can present a complete and versatile range… Continue reading HAVENS Horsefeed | Main sponsor of the event

Press release

Foundation for title battle Endurance riders has been laid Ermelo – The National Equestrian Center in Ermelo will be more than the proverbial center of the European and World Endurance Championships from 6 to 11 September 2021. The extensive forests and moors around the center will form the beautiful backdrop for these two championships. The… Continue reading Press release